Welcome to the home for our campaign on the internet! Be sure to check out the forum and calendar page so we can coordinate gaming sessions. Below is the intro I sent out awhile back to get you in the spirit of things.

It is the 498th year of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. The Court is in order, the Emperor is on his throne, and the Gods of Man look down upon their work with pride.

To the west of the fabled Imperial City, on the very borders of the vast empire, a different kind of court is sitting. In the basement of the Sober Dwarf, the 8th Ward’s Irregulars are receiving word of yet another kobold attack near the borders. Their numbers are stretched too thin, they cannot mount an effective offense.

But Ennis, the half-elf tasked with defending the Ward, knows just who can…

Enter your heroes. You live on the Threshold of the Human Empire. For some reason you are here, through birth or circumstance. Your Ward is made up of a variety of races mixed together. You might not like each other, but you’ll need each other to survive.

Humans – large and in charge, humans run the show. There aren’t many in the Threshold, but some find their way out to the borders for reasons of their own.

The Noble Races – these races are allowed into the Empire proper and may find work with royal houses.
-Dragon born – prized as scholars and artisans
-Elf, Eladrin – patrons use them for their arts and combat training.
-Dwarf – smiths, brewers, crafters.

The Common Races – these races are usually confined to the Threshold, though having one as a PC will not hinder your travels.
-Half-elf – the ruling class does not like half-breeds or reminders that a human might deign to lay with an elf.
-Tiefling – not exactly a half breed, but close enough.
-Halfling – same as the tiefling
-Any other non-monstrous humanoid (goliath, gnome, shifter, etc)

The Servant Races – indentured servants at best, choosing one as a PC will not hinder travels.
-any other monstrous humanoid

The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire

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