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Welcome to the Imperial Wiki!

This is where we’ll be organizing the game from. As your characters discover more of the world around them, more information will be put here. Cities, races, monsters, all of these can be added to through your own characters’ backgrounds or through information discovered during the course of play.

Player Character List

You guys can put up any information you want publicly known about your characters. If you want to put anything in there that’s secret, make sure to mark it as a DM secret.

The Anthropologist’s Characters

  • Akra – Dragonborn Fighter
  • Maximo – Corgi Scout

The Soldier’s Characters

The Writer’s Characters

The Rider’s Characters

Terlyn’s Characters

  • Claw – Razorclaw Shifter Monk
  • The Changeling Assassin

Xangthos’s Characters

Major NPCs

  • Ennis – Half Elven Warlord
  • Dawn – Shifter Druid

History of the Empire

Locations in the Wards

Locations in the Wild

  • Parts Unknown!

Locations in the Empire

  • The Imperial City
  • The Crunch

Main Page

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