The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire

First Steps Past the Threshold

The Edge of the Shadowfell

After the raid on the 8th Ward by the combined forces of hobgoblins, lizardfolk, and craud, the party ventured forth into the wilds.

A steep ravine forced the party to split up, with Akra, Erias, and Asteron heading south. They were able to track down a hobgoblin war party that was looking for something that had gone missing.

Though the fight was nauseating (mostly thanks to a certain mouth worm), the three managed to pull through and defeat the warband. Afterwards, they scoured the ruins of the fort for clues. Erias found a smudge on a wall that he was convinced was a clue that the perpetrators of the theft of the hobgoblin’s stuff were from the Shadowfell.

After a hard day’s rest, they continued on into the night until they found a cave full of arts and comforts. After a deal with the denizens of the cave, the party left with a map of the region containing some suspicious marks, but minus a statue of the platinum dragon recovered from their last adventure in the Keep.

And just what deal did Erias make with the Dark Ones for this vital information…?

Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion continuation!



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